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Where Does Electronic Filing of Surety Bonds Stand In Illinois?

Where Does Electronic Filing of Surety Bonds Stand In Illinois?

Where Does Surety Bond Electronic Filing Stand in Illinois Courts?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many court systems across the nation and in Illinois embraced digital transformations, allowing attorneys and law firms to file court documents electronically. Now that courtrooms are open again, many are wondering what it means for submitting court documents, including Surety Bonds.

Most counties in Illinois, including Cook County, have continued to allow electronic submission of Surety Bonds, though other court documents must again be original. However, in DuPage County, original paper Surety Bonds are still required.

Electronic Filing in Cook County and beyond:

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic, Cook County and most other counties continue to accept electronic filing of Surety Bonds, allowing attorneys to submit their Surety Bonds conveniently and efficiently. This digital approach for Surety Bonds has been welcomed by all parties and is expected to continue.

A Solution for DuPage County:

While most counties in Illinois have embraced Surety Bond electronic filing, DuPage County, as stated previously, still requires original paper documents. This difference can be a source of frustration for attorneys. However, Madden & Bergstrom is well-prepared to address this challenge. Madden & Bergstrom can come directly to your law office to execute a bond, eliminating the need for attorneys to travel or wait for mailed original bonds.

In a time when electronic filing of Surety Bonds has become the norm in most Illinois counties, Madden & Bergstrom steps in as a trusted partner for attorneys practicing in the state. By offering their on-site bond execution service in DuPage County, they have bridged the gap between original paper Surety Bonds, and the digital Surety Bond filing systems prevalent in all other areas. By choosing Madden & Bergstrom, attorneys can save valuable time and ensure a seamless Surety Bond process, allowing them to focus on the core aspects of their legal work.

Madden & Bergstrom’s Commitment to Efficiency:

Madden & Bergstrom, which is licensed in every county in Illinois, recognizes the importance of efficiency and convenience for legal professionals. We are committed to simplifying the bonding process no matter what county a surety bond is needed in.

Madden & Bergstrom is widely recognized for its professionalism and expertise in the surety bond industry. With over 70 years of experience and a deep understanding of the legal landscape in Illinois, our team of experts ensures that all surety bonds are executed accurately and swiftly. Our online portal and Get A Bond service provides the option of digitizing the entire process.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us.

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