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Surety Bonds Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

To learn more about surety bonds, please read our blog post: What is a Surety Bond.

The state of Illinois requires surety bonds for many reasons. These range from court ordered surety bonds, most often from appeal or probate court for example Administrator Bonds, Guardianship Bonds, Injunction Bonds, Certiorari Bonds, etc., to licensing bonds, such as Notary Bonds.

Surety bonds in Illinois must be acquired through a surety bond provider that is licensed in the county for which the bond is required. For this reason, Madden & Bergstrom is licensed in every county in Illinois.

Applying for a Surety Bond

Once an individual or company has been ordered to obtain a surety bond, either through a court order or to obtain a license, they must apply for the surety bond using the correct forms. The surety bond provider will review the application and will determine if the bond can be issued.

Cost of a Surety Bond

The cost of a surety bond is dependent primarily upon the amount and type of the bond.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Surety Bond?

Madden & Bergstrom prides itself in making the process of getting a surety bond fast and easy. Average turnaround time is measured in minutes, not hours or days!

If you have questions about a surety bond that you need, please contact us.

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